Jan 18, 2011

Up and Coming Model

Dagmar Bjork was discovered by a talent scout at the young age of 11. She was recognized for her face, height and grace, she was natural to walk the runways and model for fashion designers and photographers with out a doubt.
Since 2009, Dagmar started to model and make her name in the fashion industry with specializing in modeling for high fashion couture houses and editorials worldwide. Her notable skill in modeling and acting while still attending school and maintaining a 4.2 GPA has earned her a reputation as one up and rising star in the modeling industry. Her work has been featured in many international fashion publications and campaigns and at NYFW and other venues.
Born and raised in beautiful southern California , Dagmar has always had an affinity for style and aesthetics which makes her a great model. Her objective to become the next young supermodel for her favorite designers like Chanel, Prada, Burberry and Valentino.

Dagmar has began her career with the professional direction of her current agency *Models International, and by the guidance of her management company HTA, she studies her craft and learns new skills and techniques each shoot and continues to deliver a product of beauty', style and unique imagery that only Dagmar can provide on film. Dagmar's passion for modeling and fashion design is reflected in the beautiful work she creates each photograph and campaign she models for. Her ability to collaborate with many designers, photographer, stylists and production crews has earned Dagmar a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

Photo's Courtesy of Llewerentz- Bjork

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