Jan 14, 2011

Adolfo Sanchez

As we walked into the installation the over all feel was filled with youth, pop and an overall charm. Choosing to showcase the garments as an installation, gave him the opportunity to personally meet and greet the attending guests and make it possible for them to see every detail in the construction where as with a runway, “the clothes are gone in two minutes and you don’t really get to appreciate it.”

The cuts and materials incorporated into his designs reflect his attempt to begin a newer wave of Pop culture in the year "2080" coupled with an obsession of the hexagon shape. His inspiration was evident throughout the construction detail of the collection with asymmetrical necklines, subtle hexagon imprints, embedded geometrical cutouts in the jackets and the re-introduction of the harem pants. The neutral color palette was nicely complimented with the sheer fabric and leather that provided a futuristic vibe while maintaining the classic modern aesthetic.

With this, Adolfo Sanchez has not only shown he has an eye for fashion but also a style with his finger on the pulse of what is chic appealing to women who incorporate the elements of “being edgy, chic and sexy without being over the top”

With displays of wall art, courtesy of Graffiti Artist Drez, coinciding with the musical tunes the D.J. was spinning the essence of the exciting fashion filled night out left BlvdChic looking forward to yet another fabulous presentation.

Adolfo Sanchez put on one satisfying show.

Hope in the City Mosaic
Autumn/Winter 2010 Runway
Here are some runway shots of Adolfo Sanchez Fall Collection from the Mosaic show during Fashion Week Los Angeles. We covered this show as correspondents for www.emeraldchic.com. The runway was installed in one of the oldest chuches in Los Angeles that was built around 1810 when it could house 10% of the Los Angeles population. Mosaic showcased some of the premier Southern California Designers along with some tunes by the artist POET.

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